The goal for our Cross out Child Abuse Cyclocross race has always been to be a quality event and in turn be able to make a donation to the Oswego County Child Advocacy Center.

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Cross with a Cause


Paul Izyk Jr. has lost 45 pounds and discovered a network of new friends in the five years since he started cycling with “Ride Oswego County,” and is one of the hundreds within the community that has benefited from the loosely-formed group that was launched in 2010.

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Ride Oswego County cycling group gearing up for first race of the season


We're a talented group here at ROC:  Paul Leary, whose "Larger Than Us" multidisciplinary composition will be presented Jan. 20 at the MOST, is at the Apple Store to demonstrate the bicycle wheel instrument he has created to produce sound in response to stimuli, such as his flute. His work is the latest Syracuse Society for New Music's annual commissions, and it will be part of a program to commemorate the Apollo 8 mission. 

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It's not just about the bike!


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Cycling as with any sport involves inherent risk which could result in physical injury or death. Participation in this group and any activities associated with this group are "strictly voluntary." All Riders/Group participants assume full personal responsibility/ liability.