Getting people off the couch and on the bike

Throughout some 30 or so years of riding and racing in and around Oswego County I’ve had the opportunity to ride with many great people who have had a varying level of experience from brand new riders to those that have been riding and racing for years.  During that time I found that the rides were fun but were relatively small in numbers.  There would be a few people from Oswego riding together, a few from Fulton riding together or a few from other parts of our county riding together, but all those separate groups didn’t ride with each other.  Pretty much unless you were racing you really didn’t get a chance see or meet the people from those other areas.

After discussing this lack of “networking” and “big group rides” that are a perfect way to share the LOVE and JOY of cycling with others, it was decided that we should put together a “semi-official” group.  It was at that time around the summer of 2009 with Scott Somers connection in and around Oswego in particular the Tuesday night YMCA rides from Romney Field house and with the people we knew from parts all over the place we began getting together for larger group rides on weeknights and weekend mornings.   

As more people began to hear via word of mouth about our “gatherings” and the number of people that wanted “IN” grew, it was decided that a bigger “semi-official” group should be put together so in March of 2010 the name RIDE OSWEGO COUNTY or ROC was selected and ROC GOOGLE GROUP was opened up so communicating via a email list about our “gatherings” would be easier.  Since that time we have added ROC GOOGLE MAPS and ROC GOOGLE CALENDARS and a ROC FACEBOOK group for additional information sharing.  ROC branded cycling clothing and we’ve even had a few parties along the way!!

In January of 2014 due to the continued growth of our group it was decided that we would best be served by becoming an “Official Club,” well official in terms of USA cycling guidelines.  Through USA cycling full members of ROC are now provided with insurance coverage when involved in ROC activities as well as covered under various rules when racing and wearing ROC gear.   

Bryan Blake


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Cycling as with any sport involves inherent risk which could result in physical injury or death. Participation in this group and any activities associated with this group are "strictly voluntary." All Riders/Group participants assume full personal responsibility/ liability.